Merkaba Geometric Star Necklace

A gorgeous Merkaba 3d geometric star necklace in gold or rose gold with a diamond shaped crystal within. Add a letter charm for a personalised gift for friends or sisters

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Product Description

The shape of this star does have a special meaning. It is known as the Merkaba Star and it is an ancient spiritual shape made up of two interlocking tetrahedrons. The shape of the tetrehedron itself symbolises harmony and equilibrium. With the Merkaba star the tetrahedron facing up is representative of the male, the one facing down the female. When they interlock the male and female energy is in perfect balance. So this is also a perfect gift for an anniversary.

What does it mean? Mer - Light, Ka- Spirit or Soul and Bah- Body.

You can also add an initial to create a personalised necklace

made from:

Rose Gold or gold plated brass with cubic zirconia diamond shaped crystal. The letter charms are gold plated alloy


The Merkabah star is 14x14mm and hangs approx 2cm from the chain. The chain is available in 2 lengths 16"/40cm or 18"/45cm

The charms vary in length but range from 12~17mm by 4~15mm. The total length of the letter A with the loop is 19mm x 11mm. The image of the charms show some with trigger clasps on but the intials on the chain will just have a loop to thread the chain though.