Gemstone Birthstone Charms

Bish Bosh Becca have created a charm to celebrate birthdays for each month of the year. Each gemstone birthstone charm has a unique and historical significance

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To add additional gemstone birthstones to your necklace or bracelet just use this product page, If you are ordering these to be added to a personalised necklace or bracelet you are ordering at the same time just select no gift wrap and we will know to add it onto your necklace or bracelet. If you are not ordering a necklace at the same time and select no gift wrap, your charm will be sent to you in a small plastic bag and no box

So you add childrens birthstones to hers or perhaps choose the one for an anniversary year.

The sterling silver birthstones have a little silver heart attached, the rose gold and gold plated are just on a ring.

 The gemstones are genuine faceted gemstones and so the more expensive ones such as sapphire are smaller than the others. The size of the faceted rondel is given below. Given they are natural they may vary slightly from the images shown.

We are unable to guarantee these charms will fit on any other chain or bracelet other than those sold by Bish Bosh Becca. If you have a one of our bracelets already and would like an additional charm added you will need to return the bracelet to us so we can remake it with the additional charm.

Made from:

Sterling silver, rose gold or gold plated sterling silver (vermeil) and gemstones

January - garnet 6mm

February- amethyst 6mm

March- aquamarine 8mm

April or 15th Wedding Anniversary- rock crystal 7mm

May - emerald 4mm

June - moonstone 5mm

June and 30th Wedding Anniversay- black or white pearl -7mm

July or 40th Wedding Anniversary- ruby 5mm

August - peridot 5mm

September - Sapphire 4mm

October - white or black opal 4mm

October - pink opal 8mm

November- golden citrine for topaz 6mm

December- turquoise 8mm


See list above for size of gemstone