Shades of Gold Gemstone Leather Lariat

A delicious mix of subtle and warm deep rich gold and brown freshwater pearls and gemstones are used to create the clusters which fall from the knots on this black leather lariat necklace.

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£ 35.00


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This is a must have accessory to brighten up any wardrobe.

The two ends of the lariat can be looped over each other and tied high or low to suit any neckline - it's a really versatile accessory. You don't have to worry doing up a fiddly clasp as they just tie in a half knot

Lariats are so versatile as they can be worn for so many occasions from casual to smart.

We make these leather lariat necklaces with a variety of different coloured gemstones

Made from:

Smokey quartz, citrine, freshwater pearls, natural leather and Sterling silver.


Length approx 72cm, although when you wear it you don't have to have both ends the same length, by making one end hang lower than the other you will create a longer length lariat and a different look.