Shades of Green Gemstone on Leather Lariat

A soft and gentle combination of greens from the soft pale moss-green of the serpentine teardrops to the deep rich turquiose of the russian amazonite. This is a gorgeous everyday leather lariat.

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£ 35.00


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Lariat necklaces are a great way to make a unique jewellery statement.

Lariat necklaces tie with a simple half knot in front are classic and elegant. Try this look with a formal black dress or dressy business suit. Place the necklace around your neck, with the ends draping across your chest. Place each strands of the necklace in each hand. then tie a half knot to hold in place.

Or loop them round as you would a scarf.

Have a play and see which you prefer.

You can have the ends the same length of offset them to have a longer design.

We make other gemstone lariat necklaces if you would prefer a different coloured gemstone.

Made from:

Serpentine, amazonite, aventurine, freshwater pearls, new jade and sterling silver on natural leather.


Length approx 72cm, although when you wear it you don't have to have both ends the same length, by making one end hang lower than the other you will create a longer length lariat and a different look.