Silver or Gold Plate Frame Cuff Beaded with Pearls and Gemstones

These bracelets are on sale at a reduced price to clear

So pretty, blending freshwater pearls and gemstones in white, pink, blue, green, gold or black on gold or silver plated wire.

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£ 35.00


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These beaded bracelets look absolutely stunning on for day or evening wear. 

They are being discontinued hence they are reduced in price. The only ones available are the ones listed under the options. If its not in the drop down box we no longer have it.

There is a choice of colours,

white - rock crystal, moonstone and freshwater pearls.

black and white - black onyx, snowflake obsidian, crystal, hematine, moonstone and freshwater pearls.

green - freshwater pearls, aventurine, malacite and peridot.

purple or plum  - freshwater pearls, amethyst and glass

gold -freshwater pearls, amber, carnelian, citrine and garnet

pink -freshwater pearls,garnet, rose quartz and rhodocrosite

blue - freshwater pearls, sodalite, iolite, blue lace agate and blue quartz

Your cuff will be beautifully gift wrapped in a matt black box, tied with ivory satin ribbon and a gift card enclosed.  This standard service is completely free of charge. 


Gold or silver plated copper, freshwater pearls, gemstones, coloured glass


Width approx 4.3cm.  The cuffs on frames have no clasps as they have no need because the frame is rigid. The minimum length is approx 21cm, however the size can be adjusted to fit the wrist by gently opening and expanding the frame.  If you have a smaller wrist then the crochet cuffs that are not on the frame will be a better size for you.